Workshop “Energy Transition – When the answer resides in the coating”
November 13 – 14, 2023 | Wels, Austria

In the last two days about 75 Austrian experts discussed about solutions from surface technologies for the challenges of energy transition. In 27 talks the speakers presented their solutions for hydrogen economy, battery technologies, photovoltaics and for wind power. Many discussions and talks in the poster sessions showed the high interest in the topic. All guests were invited to visit the company RUBIG Technologies GmbH & Co. KG and got insites in the pratice of Rübigs hardenings technologies as well as the laboratory work.

At the end of the event conclusions were discussed. For a successful energy transition in Europe a wide portfolio of technologies must be developed to find the best sustainable solution for each application. Regional framework conditions must be considered. A lot of announcements were made, but to reach the goals of energy transition in EU the activities must follow now. Furthermore, research has to speed up and work in strong cooperation with industries to ensure a fast time to market. Therefore, funding must be provided accordingly. A well-organized exchange between branches and researchers is very important to organize efficient and goal oriented cooperations and projects. All partners explained their willing to support the process.

The workshop was organized in cooperation with ASMET und Rübig in the frame of the partner country program of PSE2024. Austria will present their research landscape as well as their industrial partners at PSE2024 next year in Erfurt. Informations about international funding and cooperation possibilities will be presented to support international developments.

Further information about PSE2024 you can find here:

We thank all partners, that are involved in the activites for PSE2024 Partner Country 2024 – Austria. A special thanks to Thomas Müller from RÜBIG Gruppe as well as Gerhard Hackl and his Team from ASMET, Austrian Society for Metallurgy and Materials, Wolfgang Waldhauser from JOANNEUM RESEARCH and Helmut Riedl from Technische Universität Wien.

We also thank our host from FH OÖ Campus Wels | Fakultät für Technik & Angewandte Naturwissenschaften.