AiF / IGF project funding

The AiF: Innovative strength for SMEs
There are around 1,500 hidden champions in Germany. What makes these medium-sized companies secret world market leaders? Current studies show that they have a significantly higher innovation orientation than their competitors. This is precisely where the AiF comes in: The task and goal of the AiF is to sustainably promote the innovative capacity of SMEs.

The AiF network: Success factor for cooperation
The key to successful innovation activities in SMEs is cooperation: Competences and know-how complement each other, the risk is spread over many shoulders. The AiF has a unique infrastructure at its disposal to support such collaborations in the long term.

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IGF in profile

The precompetitive IGF builds a bridge between basic research and economic application and offers SMEs access to the latest scientific findings. The funding of sector-wide joint industrial research (IGF) projects aims to compensate for the structural disadvantages of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the field of research.

  • Pre-competitive and open to new topics
  • Basis for process and product innovation
  • Assured practical relevance
  • Contest of ideas
  • Active networking
  • Transfer included
  • Cross-sectoral, interdisciplinary and synergetic

Knowledge advantage

  • Get involved in projects on new thin-film and surface technologies
  • SMEs and large companies thus gain access to scientific results and can prominently present their own innovative strength
  • Learn about the new developments in thin film and surface technologies in an interdisciplinary way
  • Contacts with future junior staff from the scientific environment
  • Direct access to the experts and thus valuable support in outlining, applying and formulating project proposals
  • We inform and consult to national and international funding programs, support you in finding the right partners and coordinate research projects and clusters in the national and international area.
  • We move you forward together and initiate cross-sectoral projects in industrial collaborative research

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How to beome part of the Industrial collective research

By participating in our technical committees:
Develop ideas for the future together with other experts and implement them in an application-oriented way. Present your research approaches to our experts and find partners who support you in arming your visions for industry.