AMT was founded in Germany, Kaiserslautern, in 2020, our company supplies UHV Components, Systems and Electronics. With short time market presence, we can be proud of some impressive achievements.

Our greatest assets are many years of experience in vacuum technology and a highly skilled, dynamic and ambitious Team. We are focused on quality; our Cooperation Partners are world leading Manufacturers around the world with the highest quality standards.

After an exciting start-up period and expansion of our product range, we are now able to supply almost anything from simple components to complex systems. We do not make commercial distinctions, but try to find a solution for every customer. We are currently working on integrating a management system into our operations. This will further enhance our own standards of quality and delivery reliability so that we can continue to focus on meeting the high demands of our customers. Working with our global partners, we are able to make project-specific adaptations to our products and systems, ensuring that we will continue to be involved in exciting areas in the future. The training and development of our employees is particularly important to us. In addition to the important workshops, the training programs and the expertise of our partners and their highly qualified staff are one of our key building blocks for successfully meeting the rapidly growing requirements of the scientific community in the long term. We harness synergies to meet the needs of our customers. Sustainable business practices, resource conservation and energy saving are already actively practised in our company. In addition to permanent employment contracts, we offer students the opportunity to learn about the industry and business processes alongside their studies, laying the foundations for future generations. Modern workplaces with flexible working hours make us attractive to well-educated people in our field. We value diversity and respect for each other, and each of our employees has a voice and the opportunity to help shape our company.

We look forward to working together with EFDS!