The three expert committees of the EFDS

The EFDS thrives on the support and commitment of its members and partners.
With their willingness to support joint pre-competitive research, these also provide human, financial and material resources.
Through this personal involvement in the technical committees, the topics of scientifically based basic research, which are so important for sustainable innovations, can be introduced into the applied research of EFDS and later intensively accompanied as research projects with the project-accompanying committees.

Technical Committee Head:
M. Böhling,

T. Oberbach,
Mathys Orthopädie GmbH

Subject areas:
Biofunctional surfaces, structures and layer systems for biomedicine, bioanalytics and biotechnology

Key applications:
Prosthetics, implantology, bioprocess technology, regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, personalized medicine, disease modeling, biosensor technology, chip technologies, sterile technology

Technical Committee Head:
Dr. Marcel Schulze,
Sentech GmbH

Dr. U. Seyfert,
Dr. M. Vergöhl,

Subject areas:
Coating Technologies for Power Engineering, Optoelectronics & Optics

Key applications:
A) Energy storage, photovoltaic, catalysis, battery & fuel cell.
B) Sensor technology, OLED, microsystem technology, MEMS
C) large area coating, architecture, optics, film coating.

Technical Committee Head:
André Hieke,
IHI Ionbond AG (NL)

Dr. T. Chudoba, ASMEC GmbH, Dr. Philipp Immich, IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V.

Subject areas:
Tribological coatings, coating properties, technology, analytics & process understanding.

Key applications:
Process optimization for cost reduction, process control, pretreatment, improvement of coating properties, process simulation, understanding of influencing factors & damage mechanisms, test engineering

Schulze, Marcel
Dr. Marcel Schulze
Sentech GmbH, Berlin
Deputy FABF
Dr. Ulf Seyfert
Deputy FABF
Dr. Michael Vergöhl
Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST
André Hieke
IHI Ionbond AG (NL)
Deputy FATS
Dr. Philipp Immich
IHI Hauzer Techno Coating B.V., Venlo (NL)
Deputy FATS
Dr. Thomas Chudoba
ASMEC GmbH, Dresden
Marian Böhling
FHR Anlagenbau GmbH Dresden
Deputy FABM
Thomas Oberbach
Mathys Orthopädie GmbH, Mörsdorf/Thüringen

The technical committees of the EFDS...

  • develop a research and transfer strategy for collective industrial research IGF for their specialist area
  • analyse the results of basic research ideas and make recommendations for their transfer to applied research projects
  • develop project proposals, advise on project outlines and, taking into account the opinions of the EFDS Scientific Advisory Board, draw up a priority list for submission to the DLR Project Management Agency
  • attracting companies to participate in the project advisory committees
  • recommend transfer measures for successful EFDS projects
  • Our technical committee experts from research and business meet twice a year at changing locations

Tribology and sustainability

This is one of the current core topics addressed by the EFDS “Tribological Coatings” technical committee. Whether at regular meetings at interesting hosts or more virtually at the present time, the members of FATS are always engaged in lively discussions about research priorities, taking suggestions from the partners and supporting the research partners with application-related questions as well as critical discussion points.

You can read some impressions of the work of the expert committee and the current topic trends in the journal VIP Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis (Vol. 32, No. 6, December 2020, pp. 22 – 23).

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For more information on the function and task of the EFDS Expert Committees, please refer to the Expert Committee Rules.

Technical Committee Rules [PDF]

Information on submitting project outlines to EFDS expert committees.

Flowchart [PDF]
Information on the submission of project outlines [PDF]
Template / agenda for project ideas [docx]