Poster exhibition | September 19 - 20, 2023

You will find the poster exhibition from Tuesday, September 19 to Wednesday , You are welcome to interact with the authors on Wednesday, September 20 between 14:40 – 15:10.

Autoren und Poster-Titel
Martin Amberg
Plasma etching of recycled PET film in Roll-to-Roll (R2R) processing

Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology
Abstract Amberg [PDF]

Marya Baloch
Characterization and Verification of Metal Doped DLC coatings using Hybrid HIPIMS / DC Pulsed Mode for the Bipolar Plates application in PEMWE

AIN: Asociación de la Industria Navarra
Abstract Baloch [PDF]

Mira Baraket
Selective area ALDeposition using µDALP™ - Precision coatings for Next Gen Devices
Pedram Ghourchi Beigi
Rapid Curing of Polysilazane Coatings via Low-Temperature Atmospheric Plasma Treatment

Department of Physical Electronics, CEPLANT – R&D Center for Plasma and Nanotechnology Surface Modifications, Faculty of Science, Masaryk University
Abstract Beigi [PDF]

Erik J Cox
Process Control and Optimisation by Remote Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy
Matthias Demmler
Highly wear-resistant biocompatible titanium implants with adapted coatings by application of cryogenic treatment [KI-KryoImplantat]
Manuela Erhardt
Optimization of zinc-tin-oxide permeation barrier layers on flexible substrates
Aurelio García-Valenzuela
Structural and compositional evolution of MoS2 coating and transfer layer during friction experiments in different atmospheres

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Abstract Carcía-Valenzuela [PDF]

Sophie Gledhill
Sputtering for Solar Power
Lukas Gröner
Tailoring the coatings microstructure for efficient hydrogen barriers
Junaid UI Hasnain
Development of a New Test Method to Evaluate Local Adhesion Properties of PVD coatings Using Vibration-Induced Cavitation

Technical University Darmstadt
Abstract Hasnain [PDF]

Stefan Hinze
Abrasion resistant coatings by roll-to-roll technologies

Fraunhofer FEP
Abstract Hinze [PDF]

Matthias Krause
Exceptionally high in-air stability of transparent conductive oxide SnO2:Ta

Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Abstract Krause [PDF]

Wiebke Langgemach
Paving the way for new flexibility - Handling and functionalization of ultra-thin flexible glass in the S2S process chain
Nelson Filipe Lopes Dias
Tribo-functional DLC thin films deposited on additively manufactured steels and titanium-based alloys
Manuel Mee
Laser structuring and DLC coating of elastomers for high performance applications

Fraunhofer IWM
Abstract Mee [PDF]

Markus Mejauschek
Optimisation of high-temperature tool materials by diffusion processes
Jiri Nohava
Frictional properties, adhesion and hardness of commercially available coated knee implants

Anton Paar TriTec SA
Abstract Nohava [PDF]

Morris Ott
Deposition of removable magnetoresistive layers for the production of powder-based printable sensors

Fraunhofer FEP
Abstact Ott [PDF]

Erik Pflug
Reactive Bonding of Sputtering Targets

Fraunhofer IWS
Abstract Pflug [PDF]

Thomas Preussner
Eddy Current Monitoring in High Temperature Vacuum Environment
Thomas Preussner
Setup and Applications of Large Area Flash Lamp Annealing
Anne Raber
Reactive sputtering of ceramic hydrogen barrier coatings

Robert Bosch Manufacturing Solutions GmbH
Abstract Raber [PDF]

Marco Radehaus
Enhancing Lithium Ion Batteries by Coating Cathode Active Materials
Gayatri Rane
Case study on reactive sputtering of optical coatings: Effect of bipolar pulsing, unipolar pulsing and the new dynamic reverse pulsing power delivery modes

Advanced Energy Industries
Abstract Rane [PDF]

Phillip Marvin Reinders
Development of manufacturing process sequences for coated metallic bipolar plates used for fuel cells of the highest quality and energy efficiency
Teja Roch
Development of coatings and image processing for quality assurance for metallic bipolar plates

Fraunhofer IWS
Abstract Roch [PDF]

Cindy Steiner
Thin Film Technologies for Energy Saving Solutions in Architecture
Farzin Tabary
Protective coatings on bipolar plates for PEM-electrolysis: Gradient coatings for fast material screening

Fraunhofer ISE
Abstract Tabary [PDF]

Dominik Tiedemann
Influence of cathode grid geometry on the operation behaviour of cylindrical inertial electrostatic confinement plasma sources in jet mode

Robert Bosch Manufacturing GmbH
Abstract Tiedemann [PDF]

Sven Ulrich
TiC1‐x:H/a‐C:H nanocomposite formation by means of reactive HiPIMS

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology(KIT), Institutde for Applied Materials
Abstract Ulrich-Sven [PDF]

Thomas Ulrich
Corrosion Optimisation of Ternary PVD Hard Nitride Coatings

Technical University of Darmstadt
Abstract Ulrich-Thomas [PDF]

Klaus Vogel
Magnetron sputtering of STO and YBCO for integrated high temperature super conductors

Fraunhofer ENAS
Abstract Vogel-1 [PDF]

Klaus Vogel
Heat transfer layers for reactive Bonding – Challenge and Opportunity

Fraunhofer ENAS
Abstract Vogel-2 [PDF]

Hoang Minh Vu
Resource-Efficient Plasma Nitriding of Stainless Steels for Combined Tribological and Corrosive Stresses

Technical University Darmstadt
Abstract Vu [PDF]

Dr. Dane Walker
Ion energy distributions in dual frequency RF plasmas

Hiden Analytical Ltd.
Abstract Walker [PDF]