The FTAW brings together research and transfer competencies from various industries that have close ties to the promising technology field of hydrogen and sometimes represent branches of industry in which, according to current knowledge, hydrogen will already play a decisive role in the context of pursuing climate protection goals.
As early as 2021, we discussed the topic of hydrogen with industry and science in a workshop. Our October 2021 V-Conference revisited the topic. The international PSE Conference 2022 (Plasma Surface Engineering), coordinated by EFDS, had a separate industry workshop and several sessions on this topic PSE Conferences – PSE Conferences ( For 2023, we are in the preparations for V 2023 with again the theme “Energy” such as the coating of bipolar plates – V2023 – EFDS.
The topic of hydrogen is also regularly discussed in the EFDS technical committees in order to discuss current projects and ideas on the topic and to put them into practice within the framework of joint industrial research.

We look forward to intensive discussions within the FTAW on the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen technology for small and medium-sized enterprises.