Hydrogen Technologies for Energy Transition

Rapid changes in the Earth’s climate and increasingly important geopolitical considerations have led to an urgent need for the introduction of self-sufficient sustainable energy technologies in Europe. Surface and thin-film technologies are key to everything from hydrogen and battery technology to plasma-based chemical synthesis and photovoltaics.

Hydrogen is the oil of tomorrow. The flexible energy carrier is indispensable for the energy transition and opens up new topics and markets for German industry and science. With the German government’s National Hydrogen Strategy, Germany is becoming a global pioneer. Achieving this goal is only feasible through investments in research & development, the expansion of all renewable energy sources, infrastructure, storage and investments in energy efficiency.

Hydrogen & Medium-Sized Businesses

German SMEs have a central role to play in implementing the National Hydrogen Strategy. In order to profile Germany as a leading location in the field of hydrogen, the potential of small and medium-sized enterprises in particular must be bundled and activated as enablers and framework setters. This requires close collaboration with producers, users, technology drivers and providers.

This potential can be activated and exploited efficiently and in a targeted manner via the unique structure and mode of operation of the AiF and industrial joint research as a cross-industry link to SMEs. You have the opportunity to participate in this process. Participate in our survey (see right column) or get involved in initiating current Industrial Collaborative Research projects in our technical committees or in the 3rd EFDS web meeting to actively advance thin film technologies in the hydrogen economy.

The AiF Research and Transfer Alliance Hydrogen AFT H2 is currently working on a “Hydrogen Innovation Agenda for SMEs”, which is compatible with the “Hydrogen Compass” (acatech and DECHEMA) commissioned by the BMWK and BMBF to form the basis of a national hydrogen roadmap for the German government. EFDS is involved here as one of the 4 spokespersons of the Transfer Alliance and also contributes the topics of surface technology. A first strategy paper of the FTA H2 has already been developed.


Please support our efforts to support your hydrogen technology offerings and interests by participating in our Hydrogen Survey. Get involved in the hydrogen strategy with your ideas and activities and use the opportunity to actively shape it as a member of EFDS.

20.06.2023 | 09:00 am – 11:00 am | Online

The EFDS meeting is organized for members of the EFDS and offers the opportunity to exchange information on current topics in an uncomplicated and regular manner. This event is exclusivly for EFDS members only. The participation is free of charge.

The 3rd EFDS web meeting is themed: “EFDS members and your activities in hydrogen technology an analysis for future activities”.

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